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Conditional vs Unconditional House Offers

Knowing the difference between an unconditional offer and a conditional offer for a property is important. Both have different legal obligations and expectations, and you're going to want to be clued up on those before you enter the market. Here's a rundown of the basics around offers, and how to make them safely. WHAT DOES UNCONDITIONAL MEAN WHEN BUYING A HOMEBroadly, the term "unconditional" when applied to the purchase of buying a house can appear twice in the process.  Firstly, the term...

July 20, 2021

How to survive a hike in interest rates

The mortgage interest-rate good times had to stop eventually and ASB signalled this might be happening by raising their home loan rates by 0.3% to 0.36% across the board this week. The cheapest rate at ASB is now 2.55% - up from a low of 2.19%. A hike of this level means an additional annual cost of around $360 per $100,000 of mortgage. It would therefore not be a stretch to imagine a lot of homeowners will need to find at least $3000 more per year. At the point of writing, no other bank ha...

July 16, 2021

What you need to know about a new build

With a fixed price contract before construction starts, lower loan-to-value ratios and deposit conditions, and a home built to high standards, it’s not surprising that buying off the plan is attractive, especially for first home buyers. If you’re considering building your own home or buying into a brand-new development, here are some things to consider when financing the construction of your new build. Buying off the plan means agreeing to buy a property from a developer before it has been b...

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